MiniCart 19 inch Edition

A 19 inch compatible location sound workstation

The MiniCart is a highly portable and modular 19 inch compatible workstation that is engineered from lightweight aluminium making it an ideal choice for location sound recording / playback.

20U Rack Space

The rear of the MiniCart features 20U of rack space suitable for any standard 19 inch equipment.

Adjustable Shelf

The aluminium shelf is fully height adjustable and secured in place without any tools. It can also be quickly and easily folded up for storage or during transportation in a vehicle.

Rear Handle

The striking CNC milled / anodised handles feature a set of rubber wheels to enable the cart to be easily loaded in/out of a vehicle. Crucially all four wheels perfectly align so when the MiniCart is strapped vertically into a vehicle, the cart does not move around.

12 inch Wheels

The MiniCart features two 12 inch pneumatic wheels to give your cart (and precious sound equipment) the smoothest of rides.

Adjustable Feet

Filming on location often means using your cart on uneven surfaces which is why the MiniCart features independent adjustable feet. No tools required!


If space is at a premium when storing or transporting your sound cart, the MiniCart can be quickly and easily folded down.

Base Platform

A pair of sliders and a bungee chord are supplied to enable a bag or battery to be secured to the base of the cart.

Front Uprights

A popular optional accessory is the front uprights that feature 8U rack space enabling 19 inch equipment, such as sliding shelves, to be secured front and back.

Optional Accessories

The MiniCart enjoys an unrivalled range of accessories that can be added to customise your cart.

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Features & Specifications

475mm (L) x 733mm (W) x 995-1070mm (H)
18.7" (L) x 28.85" (W) x 39.2-42.1" (H)
Assembled Dimensions
300mm (L) x 733mm (W) x 995-1070mm (H)
12" (L) x 28.85" (W) x 39.2-42.1" (H)
Folded Dimensions
236mm (L) x 568mm (W) x 10mm (H)
9.29" (L) x 22.36" (W) x 0.39" (H)
Internal Shelf Dimensions
13.75 kg / 30.3 lbs
30 kg / 66 lbs
Recommend Maximum Payload

MiniCart 19 inch Edition


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