What do we do?

SOUNDCART.audio offer a range of sound carts that are used and trusted by over a thousand Sound Recordists / Production Sound Mixers worldwide (including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States of America).

In addition to our range of sound carts and accessories, we also offer a design service for those that wish to either adapt one of our existing designs or who would prefer something completely custom (including carts for Digital Imaging Technicians and Directors of Photography). For inspiration, visit our gallery which features over thousand customer photos!

Who are we?

SOUNDCART.audio was launched in 2016 by U.K. based freelance Sound Mixer Matt Bacon (www.recordist.audio) who is a member of both The Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) and the Institute of Professional Sound.

Like many Sound Mixers, my first cart was an adaption of an existing industrial trolley, more precisely it was a wooden butchers block from IKEA. I then progressed to one made from aluminium poles and steel clamps but found this was cumbersome and heavy.

As my cart work became more regular I considered purchasing a commercially available sound cart but none that I found ticked all the boxes. They were either welded (so didn’t fold), similar to what I already had or were not very customisable.

With a new series about to start I decided to design and build myself a new cart from aluminium profile. This cart went on to serve me well for several series - with refinements occurring between each series. These refinements ultimately led me to what is now the Production Sound Cart. Other mixers soon began expressing interest in either buying my cart or having an identical one built for them. SOUNDCART.audio was launched in March 2016. Following the success of the Production Sound Cart, my research showed strong demand for a smaller more compact cart. The MiniCart was born!

In 2018, dealers were requesting a cart that could be more economically manufactured, packaged and despatched. This led to the design and development of the Explorer Sound Cart which became our first self-assembly model. 

With the rising popularity of the MiniCart and Explorer, I moved the workshop in the summer of 2019 into bigger premises enabling SOUNDCART.audio to hold much greater volume of stock and reduce lead times. 2020 was a busy year with the introduction of three new models. The first was the MiniCart Black Edition and the MiniCart Purple Edition (which are variations of the classic MiniCart) as well as the MiniCart MAX.

Despite the global challenges of COVID, in 2021 we designed and launched the Maverick Follow Cart which has proven to be extremely popular and is the first of a new line of carts. In January 2023 we moved into new 1,000+ sq ft premises which will enable us to expand our stock levels as well as offer some new and exciting new products/services.

SOUNDCART.audio now enjoys an enviable reputation that I am immensely proud of. However, it wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the support of my family, customers and dealers.

Matt Bacon, Managing Director
Nothing like filming in the rain all day. Living the dream!
(2010) My sound cart made from aluminium poles and steel clamps.
(2012) The sound cart made from aluminium poles modified to accommodate ABS cases.
(2014) My sound cart built using aluminium profile sporting 20” orange mag wheels.
(2015) The design upon which the Production Sound Cart is closely based.

Company Details

SOUNDCART.audio is a trading name of Matthew Bacon Limited. Registered Office: 308 Ewell Road, Surbiton, England, KT6 7AL, United Kingdom. Company Registration Number: 5383188. VAT Registration Number: GB 854 1084 34