An ultra-compact, lightweight mobile workstation for location sound mixers working predominantly from a mixer bag.

The Ninja is an ultra-compact, light-weight and highly portable sound cart that has been specifically developed with ENG (electronic new gathering) or PSC (portable single crew) location sound mixers in mind who are working predominantly from a mixer bag.

Compact Design

The ultra compact design enables the Ninja to fit into vehicles and locations where other carts would struggle.

Sliding Shelf

The Ninja includes a sliding shelf (380x370mm) which supports controllers such as the Sound Devices CL16.

It features a selection of mounting positions so that your controller can be secured to the shelf. The shelf can also be locked in the close or open position.

Height Adjustable

The Ninja's top shelf is fully height adjustable and features two handles as well as an array of mounting options to secure a mixer bag or other equipment/accessories.

Generous Storage

Ninja's main compartment offers generous storage for all the additional sound gear you need on location. 

Measuring 300x400x375mm (WxDxH) Euro Containers or a Backpack is easily accommodated.

12 inch Wheels

The Ninja features two 12 inch pneumatic wheels to give the cart the smoothest of rides.

Front Casters

Two braked casters are included so you can easily fine tune your position on set.


Ninja's top shelf features eight Neutrik D-type mounting holes for the installation of BNC or other compatible accessories. 

Super Versatile

Attach and secure accessories such as the Boom Clamp (SC-BOOMC) or Antenna Riser (SC-ANTR) to the Ninja using any of the laser cut holes on the rear and sides.

Self Assembly

A visual step-by-step user guide is supplied that explains how to assemble and configure the cart before use (tools supplied).

Optional Accessories

The Ninja enjoys an expanding range of accessories that can be added to customise your cart.

Below is a small selection...

Features & Specifications

560mm (D) x 500mm (W) x 630-930mm (H)
22" (D) x 19.7" (W) x 25-36.6" (H)
Assembled Dimensions
400mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 375mm (H)
15.75" (L) x 11.8" (W) x 14.76" (H)
Internal Storage Dimensions
11 kg / 24 lbs
30 kg / 66 lbs
Recommend Maximum Payload



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